Chris Evert Finally Admits To Sordid Shark Affair

It’s been a topsy-turvy kind of day for Greg Norman to say the least, after losing his 2-shot lead going into the final round. Luckily, later on tonight he will be able to forget his worries in the ample comforting bosom of wife and ADMITTED(!) HOME(!) WRECKER(!) Chris Evert.

Greg Norman Chris Evert

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, our long national nightmare is over. We can all sleep well at night now that we know — for a fact! — that the real reason behind both Evert’s and Norman’s divorces was because of the hot and sticky passion of their loins. NEWS.COM.AU has all the sordid details after the jump.

The tennis legend revealed that she and Norman had tried to fight their desire for each other and had undergone couples-counseling with their longtime spouses, Andy Mill and Laura Andrassy, in an effort to overcome their mutual attraction.

But Evert, who married the Great White Shark in a lavish ceremony in the Bahamas last month, said counseling did not work and the pair dissolved their marriages to be together.

“It was like an irresistible force,” she said. “How do you explain something like that?”

It was an irresistible force, alright. An irresistible force … in their pants!

In case you still don’t get exactly how it all went down, here’s a helpful illustration that you can print up, laminate and consult at will:

And once again we ask, was it really worth $100 million, Norman?