Blog Jam: Cooley’s Wife Shows Off Lovely T-Shirt

• DC SPORTS BOG puts on news that Chris Cooley’s wife Christy shows love for her Redskins hubby through the medium of t-shirt messages.

Chris Cooley wife Christy t-shirt

Wonder if she’ll sport a similar shirt for new arrival Jason Taylor.

• How would you celebrate a walk-off home run? THE FIGHTINS’ finds the Marlins’ Jorge Cantu doing it by tugging a teammate’s testes.

• Luckily, DEUCE OF DAVENPORT discovers a product that could provide some penile comfort to Cantu’s tuggee, Scott Olsen.

• THE BEAUTIFUL GAME calls foul, as a Portuguese soccer team apparently gets away with trying to bribe the referees. Couldn’t the club have just distracted the officials by planting their pretty fans along the pitch?

Euro 2008 Portugal girl

• How far will you go for free beer? The MADISON (WI) CAPITAL TIMES unearths about 250 baseball fans willing to eat beetles for bonus brews.

• Just when you thought the world was safe from Kato Kaelin, RANDBALL slices up news that O.J.’s former houseguest is pitching a reality show.

• HOME RUN DERBY scratches up news that San Francisco Giants fans are once again bugged by Crazy Crabs.

• DEADSPIN washes up word that the Athletics’ Darin Barton takes a dive, and it really hurts.

• THE BIG LEAD believes the Brewers really do want to win, now that they’ve acquired Ray Durham.