Chris Cooley Says He’s Going On Injured Reserved

Rich Tandler at reports this morning that internet NFL superstar Chris Cooley told a DC radio station this morning that he’s likely going on injured reserve - and be out for the season.

Chris Cooley goes on injured reserve

(Out for the season)

On his regular radio appearance on DC101, Chris Cooley said that he will meet with Jim Zorn today about his immediate future with the team. Cooley said that he expects to be placed in injured reserve, ending his season.

Cooley fractured a bone in his ankle against the Eagles on Oct. 21.

You probably remember that the initial official diagnosis was for him to miss this season. That quickly changed, as doctors later projected he could be back as soon as a month.

Obviously, that prognosis didn’t work out.

More Tandler:

Today, four weeks after the injury, his foot is still in a boot for another 10 days. After that there likely would be at least two weeks of rehabilitation. That means that the earliest game he could play in is the December 21 game against the Giants. He would play in just three games and, with the team rapidly fading out of the playoff picture, it appears that the best move may be to shut down his season and let him heal for 2010.

Shut it down for the season and let him heal for next season? If only the team could do that.

So will this development cause Cooley to ramp up his web activity or shut it down? I’d imagine for now he’ll keep a low profile through the end of the season, then business as usual. In other words, he may actually post less.