Redskins TE Cooley Is Very Revealing In His Blog

• We figured Chris Cooley’s blog would let us get to better know the inner workings of the Redskins’ TE, but we never would have guessed we would see this far inside.

Chris Cooley Christy

If there were naughty bits to be shown on Cooley’s blog, why couldn’t they have belonged to his new hot wife, Christy?

• Cubs hurler Carlos Zambrano no-hits the Astros in Milwaukee. Somehow, that causes Ned Yost to be bounced from the Brewers.

• Speaking of teams with curses, a soccer goalie in the Congo tries to use a little witchcraft, only to see 11 people die in the ensuing mid-game riot.

• The Chiefs get tomahawked by the Raiders. Looks like the wrong AFC West coach is about to get fired.

• Meanwhile, Chargers fans seem ready to hack off Ed Hoculi’s limbs for his questionable non-fumble call against the Broncos.

• A 33-year-old Wisconsin mom attempts to feel young again - by posing as her 15-year-old daughter & joining the local high school cheerleading squad.

Tiger Woods is ready to rally the Ryder Cup team with a stirring speech. Eat your heart out, Knute Rockne.

• Conference USA fines East Carolina $10,000 for not doing a good enough job beating their celebrating fans.

• Falcons safety Lawyer Milloy gets busted for a post-game DUI. Guess he’ll need one of those guys in court who defend people in front of a judge. What are they called again?

Pam Oliver & Joe Buck get into a little on-air argument, which was the only entertaining moment of the Giants-Rams game they were working.