Bosh Branching Out into Music, DVD Compilations

Chris Bosh is a man of many talents. To call him a “Renaissance Man” is to devalue the term to its lowest point in recorded history, but let’s give him some credit: he’s a world-class basketball player, a comedian, and a weatherman. The only other person who can claim all those three qualities is Al Roker. Dude, Roker can ball.

Chris Bosh loves music SO MUCH
(Bosh also has the “I’m pretending to listen to music” face down cold.)

And though Bosh remains in the black hole of media attention that is the Raptors franchise, Warner Music Canada has at least noticed Bosh’s off-court exploits and was sufficiently impressed to sign the big man to a CD and DVD deal for later this year, according to CANADA.COM. I see some furrowed brows out there, but allow Bosh himself to reassure you - he’s not going to rap (pops to PDF):

The Chris Bosh branded CD will be a compilation of some of his favourite music along with new recordings from emerging artists. In a unique move, Chris is giving new, unsigned artists a chance to submit material for consideration on the compilation. Artists can submit their music through an interactive form on CHRIS-BOSH.COM.

The DVD, meanwhile, will be a compilation of his various characters he’s pretended to be over the years, plus some biographical material for his biggest fans. This being the initial announcement date, details are few and far between, but stay tuned people OMG!

Unfortunately, with Bosh’s off-court success being largely due to the Internet - and the terms that go with it - the press release had one of the most innocuous, but regrettable statements in recent memory:

Bosh has long professed to be a tech geek and his multi-platform profile led to ESPN The Magazine voting him “The Most Viral Athlete in the World.”

Emphasis ours, of course. THE most viral? What, just because Ron Mexico went to jail, his herpes don’t count anymore?  You judgmental bastards!