Chris Berman Suggests Brett Favre Birthday A National Holiday

BERMAN THINKS FAVRE’S BIRTHDAY SHOULD BE HOLIDAY: Neil Best of NEW YORK NEWSDAY caught a mention by Chris Berman that October 10 should be a national holiday:

Brett Favre Chris Berman birthday

The date in question is the birthday of one Brett Favre, the all-time winningest QB in NFL history. The Swami sauntered this suggestion during Packers-Chargers highlights on the Worldwide Leader last Monday.

For a lark, Best checked to see who else shares a special day with #4. Turns out it’s also the birthdate of Ducks defenseman Chris Pronger, sometime Van Halen rocker David Lee Roth, and “Saved By The Bell” star (and Oscar de la Hoya pal) Mario Lopez.

David Lee Roth Mario Lopez

And that’s not all. After doing some research on our own, we found some other momentous occasions that took place on this date:

• Google buys YouTube for $1.6 Billion
• Giants Stadium opens
• Steve Perry joins the band Journey
• Liz Taylor re-marries Richard Burton
• Cubs lose 1945 World Series; haven’t been back since

If these aren’t reasons enough to get the day off, we don’t know what else is.