Chipper Jones Has Mexican Deer Stand Standoff

If you’re like me, you’re constantly wondering “What’s the largest number of Mexican immigrants Chipper Jones has had in his truck at one time?” The answer, of course, is 15, which the Atlanta Braves infielder revealed during an interview on 790 The Zone in Atlanta recently.

Chipper Jones

Jones owns a ranch in South Texas, about 15 miles from the Mexican border. And what made the chat really interesting was his story about climbing a ladder into one of his deer stands, opening the door and finding five Mexicans inside. So what did Jones do? He took them home for lunch, of course.


“Well, you wanna talk about probably the biggest chill going up and down your spine that you’ve ever had? Try walking to the deer stand at five in the morning when it’s pitch black dark, and you’re climbing up the ladder to this power line, and you’ve got five faces standing there staring at you. But, here’s the thing, you feel fairly confident because you have a high powered weapon over your shoulder, but you know, it’s still …

(Host: That had to literally scare the hell out of you.) I almost fell off the ladder when I opened the door. (Host: Is there communication? Are you asking them who they are? What happens next?) I know a little Spanish, enough to communicate with them, get them in the truck and it’s very calm, most of the time when I run in to the Mexicans crossing the border, it’s very calm, very collected. I ask them if they’re thirsty, if they’re hungry, I take them back to the house and at some point we call the border patrol just to make sure that they make it back safe and what not.

People say that it’s mean to call the border patrol, but who else are you gonna call? I mean, I’m not gonna spend my whole offseason driving illegals back…”

It all makes this quote from Jones, in an interview with the hunting site BUCK COMMANDER, all the more funny.

Q: What is your favorite state to hunt? Why?
A:  South Texas is awesome because the amount of big bucks running around,  and you never know what’s gonna’ step out!

Jones does, however, often find himself driving people around quite a lot.

“I’ve had up to 15 people in the back of my truck; I ran in to a group of about 15 of them one time. It gets pretty hairy until you find one that speaks a little bit on English, or a guy that’s willing to talk to you. Most of them, by the time they get to my ranch, they’re so thirsty or so hungry that they’re willing to go with you.”

Jones’ stories are not always funny, however. From the ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION:

The body of a 22-year-old man was found Thursday morning on Chipper Jones’ family ranch in southwest Texas. “He was in a part of the ranch we don’t go to on a daily basis,” Jones’ father, Larry Jones Sr. said Thursday evening from Double Dime Ranch in Carrizo Springs, Texas.

Jones Sr. said the man, a Mexican national, had entered the country illegally. The extreme heat and the drought would have made it difficult for anyone to survive without food or water, he said.