Chinese Olympic Cheerleaders Are Unimpressive

We already knew that Chinese sports fans have not grown comfortable with cheering at games; we’ve spoken about drastic measures taken by brave young women to encourage cheering at sporting events in China.

Chinese cheerleading boom

(Sorry, ladies… reapply for London)

However, Beijing Olympics officials have chosen their tried-and-true technique for encouraging desired behavior in Olympic attendees: pamphlets and volunteers! In this case, Olympic officials have created four government-approved cheers that all attendees will be taught by over 400 volunteers at all the venues and shown on television before the Games.

In other words: plain cheerleaders in polo shirts. Now we understand the Cold War much better.

We hope there’s still time to augment the cheers (”go go”, “China”, “Olympics”, and “Olympics spirit”) and ditch the thumbs-up work for something involving the Village People. We’d love the chance to explain the Indian to them.

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