Chile Soccer Team And Fans Tasers At Under20 FIFA World Cup

CHILEAN SOCCER TEAM VS. T.O. POLICE “A BIG DOGFIGHT“: OK, no Mike Vick jokes, this is serious. Last night at the Under-20 FIFA Soccer World Cup being held in Toronto, Argentina throttled Chile 3-0. And Ontario’s finest apparently were also forced to throttle members of the unruly Chilean soccer team after the game.

Chile Soccer Team

Eyewitness: “It looked like a big dogfight. People throwing fists and cops with their billyclubs out and then all of a sudden it got out of control and a police officer grabbed his taser gun and tasered someone - I don’t know if he was a player or if he was part of the team - as soon as that happened, it got even worse.

Chile Soccer Fans

For no doubt political reasons, the Canadians didn’t have the guts to hold any of the Chileans in police custody. An investigation is supposedly underway, which will obviously results in nothing happening.

As you might gather, Chile-Argentina is a huge rivalry, because of the proximity of the South American nations. Kind of like Ohio State-Michigan in American football, which also has its share of overzealous Under-20 fans:

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