Chiefs Go For 2 and the Win, Get 0 and a Loss

Kansas City is not going to the playoffs. They’re unquestionably one of the worst teams in the NFL over the past 10 years. They’re on a third-string, 7th-round rookie QB and haven’t had the service of elite RB/lady puncher Larry Johnson in about a month. They suck.

Herm Edwards Laughing
(Like we’d use any other picture.)

And yet there they were, taking San Diego to the wire today. The Chiefs led 13-6 at the half, but gave a point away when a bad snap screwed up their extra point. That’ll come up later. Philip Rivers threw 2 TDs in the second half to give the Chargers a 20-13 lead, but Kansas City fought back and scored a dramatic touchdown with under half a minute to go. All they would need is an extra point to tie the game up and take this thing into overtime.

But Kansas City had other plans, and they all involved epic fail. Head coach Herm Edwards, who is so, so fired after this season, elected to go for two and the win. Rather than go into overtime and try to win conventionally, he called a play that involved QB Tyler Thigpen sprinting to his left 20 yards, then heaving a wild throw under pressure into triple coverage. Seriously, he thought that was a better idea than going to overtime. Shockingly, it failed, and your final score is 20-19, San Diego.

The game was utterly meaningless to Kansas City’s postseason hopes, which are already dead, buried, and worm-riddled, but it was crucial for San Diego. The Chargers are now 4-5, which is still far away from where they wanted to be right now, but they stay just one step back of the AFC West-leading Broncos at 5-4. Nobody in the West is any good, of course, but someone has to go to the playoffs. Someone not named Kansas City.