Chiefs Discover Key To Success: ‘Office’ Parodies

Look, the Chiefs suck and have for years now. That much is well-understood, even as there’s a glimmer of hope for their season as they welcome Matt Cassel at QB and look to shock an AFC West that’s as close to a one-team division (the Chargers, of course) as possible.

KC Wolf Chiefs Office
(It goes downhill from here.)

But if the Chiefs really want to make a comeback, they’re going to have to do so on the backs of quasi-indie Gen-Y types, the ones who live in condos, don’t have any kids over 2, and think they’re smarter than anyone else. Or, to put it more succinctly, fans of “The Office.” After all, why else would they make this parody? Video below the break.

Okay, all right, all right. The humor was tepid at best and the characters are really leaning on the whole “look at the camera instead of reacting negatively.” So in other words, it’s a dead-on, pitch-perfect imitation of The Office over the last 3-4 years.

But give the Chiefs credit: that chick looks like Pam. No, hang on–like Pam’s hotter younger sister.

Other than that, though, what’s the uptake to doing this? Trying to attach some sort of ironic sensibilities to the franchise and using that to sell it to a next generation of fans? Do they really think that somebody’s going to say, “wow, the Chiefs really get my detached sense of humor, I think I’ll buy some tickets now!”? That’s not going to happen.

Seriously, nobody’s dumb enough to think that some Michael Scott-type incompetent hijinks are going to go down on the sideline - and if something like that actually does happen, rest assured it’s because the Chiefs are losing every game by 50 and the season’s an unmitigated disaster.

Otherwise, organized professional sports games and The Office have exactly dick in common with each other, and ads like this are a useless exercise in wasting large amounts of advertising dollars.