Chicken, Irony, Both Delicious in KFC Cricket Deal

You may recall how poorly the Aussies acted after being denied their beer and vegemite. Now someone’s trying to take away their fried chicken.

Fat Cricketer

Two researchers from the University of Sydney’s Institute of Nutrition Obesity and Exercise, while not busy trying to fit that on their business cards, demanded that Cricket Australia drop its sponsorship deal with KFC, which they say is adding to the nation’s childhood obesity epidemic.

The MEDICAL JOURNAL OF AUSTRALIA, which, no, clearly does not have anything better to do, for your information, ran the letter from Professors Stephen Colagiuri and Ian Caterson expressing their dismay at seeing The Colonel plastered on everything from cricketers’ kits to stadium billboards.

The self-appointed fatty police write:

It is ironic that Cricket Australia, while having done so much for the sport, regrettably encourages the promotion of unhealthy, high-fat, high-calorie KFC products which more than negate any benefit of the increased physical activity associated with playing cricket.

While I’m not certain that players tacitly endorsing the 860-calorie Chicken and Biscuit Bowl is necessarily healthy, I think the problem lies more in the fact that a Chicken and Biscuit Bowl is allowed to exist, and less in Cricket Australia’s willingness to accept a few million dollars to put up a logo.

Corporate spokesman Peter Young agrees:

As far as convenience food or fast food is concerned, our view is everything in moderation.

Of course, when someone whose sport’s matches can last five days preaches moderation, take it with a grain of salt and an Original Recipe Strip.

Despite our ignorant yet hilarious stereotypes of all Australians stalking and killing their own prey from the age of four, surveys have shown that children Down Under are among the least active in the world, so perhaps this is for the best. Thankfully, here in America our athletes and sports leagues tend to have sneaker sponsorship deals, which has kept our children from getting fat.

Fat American Child