Chicago’s Soldier Field Host To Cornhole Classic

Last year it was “Who’s Now?” This year it’s “Title Town” for ESPN who are continuing their tradition of creating new ways for you to hate watching Sports Center in the summer.

Soldier Field

Yesterday’s installment of Title Town took us to Chicago. The Worldwide Leader put together a package that included the city’s big achievements; Jordan and the Bulls, the 1986 Bears, the White Sox’s World Series run in 2005, etc. Unfortunately, the latest championship to be crowned in the hallowed halls of Soldier Field was left out of the segment. I’m of course talking about Solder Field Cornhole Classic held yesterday.

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE reports, “Steps away from the field where gladiators like Walter Payton and Dick Butkus, once roamed, two competitors engaged in battle, beanbags in hand. With a steely-eyed stare worthy of Mike Singletary, Matt Guy, 37, slowly bent his knees and sent his yellow bag twirling toward a whitewashed ramp 27 feet away.”

Guy is considered by those who follow the sport, (wait who follows this?) the “Tiger Woods of bags.” Just like Tiger, Guy won the big money - all $900 of it for winning both the singles and doubles competition.

According to the article the game is apparently a pastime in the Midwest.

“You’ve got your beer in one hand and your bag in the other—that’s what it’s all about,” said Danny Quiros, 30, of Forest Park.