Chicago Is Not the Favorite for 2016 Olympics?

Peter Ueberroth, the man that taught American sports leagues to lean on corporations for cash when he sold the 1984 Olympics up the river, has advised the media and the leaders of the Chicago bid for the 2016 Olympics that Chicago isn’t remotely in the lead for the honor of hosting the Games.

Peter Ueberroth

Of course, Uberroth didn’t list the reasons why he believes Chicago has lagged behind some of the other cities or where Chicago might truly rank. Why, you don’t think Peter’s looking for more money from the city and from private donors, do you? Naaaaah.

Patrick Ryan (not related to many of the other Ryans in Illinois business and government), head of the Chicago bid, and Mayor Daley don’t seem too concerned at the moment about Ueberroth’s naysaying. It’s true that there might be transportation issues in Chicago. Also, there’s still not a stadium that is Olympic-sized for the Opening Ceremony.

Still, it all sounds just vague enough and the source is just questionable enough that we suspect Ueberroth’s just trying to get as much guaranteed money into the pot before the cuts come in June, preferably from Washington.

While there have been private donations and $150m pledged from the state, it’s unclear if the federal government has stepped forward with enough cash yet for Peter’s concerns to be sated. Coming from the man that brought us MLB collusion, though, we’ll be more concerned when Da Mayor looks concerned.