Sports Station Takes ‘Idol’ Approach To Reporting

Like most sports fans, you’ve probably found yourself yelling at the dolts on the local sports radio station at one time or another. Whether it’s a talk show host railing against new media, bloviating against Milton Bradley, or just flat-out yelling about god knows what, there comes a point where you find yourself staring in disbelief at the Blaupunkt in the dash, yelling “I could do better than that!”

SNL Superfans

(Hard-hitting Chicago sports journalism.)

In honor (or not) of last night’s “American Idol” finale, now’s the chance for fans to put their money where their mouth is, as a Chicago sports radio station is giving fans the opportunity to win an on-air reporter job in a month-long Idol-meets-”Dream Jobtrainwreck competition. What could possibly go wrong?

Chicago’s 670 THE SCORE is the station who wants to give one loudmouth meathead the chance to ask softball postgame questions of sweaty, naked athletes:

670 the Score will be holding opening auditions looking for Chicago’s best undiscovered talent to take on the role of sports reporter for the station.  Beginning on Wednesday, June 3, and continuing throughout the rest of the month, the station will launch the “Pepsi Max Score Search” through a series of live auditions at various local retail and restaurant/bar locations for the opportunity to win a coveted position with The Score. Interested parties can register online at to schedule an audition.

It’ll make for hilarious radio and promises to make William Hung look like a talented singer. Still, that’s some pretty strange timing by THE SCORE, considering that both Chicago’s major newspapers are bankrupt. Plenty of people with actual reporting experience, most of whom can actually string together a thought about sports not involving Mike Ditka, have hit the Chicago job market in recent months.

Perhaps the news about the massive economic meltdown hasn’t reached their studios. Then again, THE SCORE might actually be expected to pay those people in actual money instead of Maxwell Street Polish sausages.