Chicago Fans’ Favre Sign Yet Another Humor FAIL

Go to any major sporting venue for a game, and you’re likely to hear all sorts of colorful language to describe the visiting team (or, if they suck, the home team). It’s universal that at some point, somebody’s manhood - and indeed, his own ability and desire to procreate with women - is going to be questioned. Repeatedly. And God help any athlete who isn’t white, because that’s going to come up once or twice too.

Totally Awesome Sign About Brett Favre
(Verrry mature.)

But for as much flak as Philadelphia fans have earned for their poor behavior, isn’t it time we started admitting that Chicago fans are rapidly becoming some of the most obnoxiously childish in sports? Why, just over the last couple years, we’ve had casual racism, more casual racism, and now this delightful sign (above) directed at Sports Voldemort and Packers fans in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

WITI-TV in Milwaukee has the story on the Bears fans TOTALLY OWNING THE PACKERS YO, and while there’s little there worth blockquoting or anything - you already know how it goes, it’s controversial to everybody but the owner - we’re still dealing with the larger issue of … well, what the hell, guys?

As we mentioned before, this sort of stuff gets said at damned near every football game. It’s not like this line’s never been crossed or never will be again.

But doing it in public like this betrays your one goal, which is to bring shame to the opposing team. In reality, when you’re so hard up for a point to be made and you just go for the easy gay joke, you’ve lost, because you were too dumb to think of anything clever.

Plus, come on: “Fudge Packers”. How hard was that? Granted, it’s still more juvenile than funny, but “Packer f*gs” is the stuff of message boards, middle schools, and mental wards. Pick better company than that.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean everybody in Chicago’s a racist or homophobic or anything like that. But at some point, don’t the “good” fans bear some responsibility to stand up and say, “You know what? That doesn’t fly around here”? There are so many easy ways to make fun of the Packers. You can just dust off some antique like “Packers are like possums, because they play dead and get killed on the road.” That right there automatically whips the hell out of “Packer f*gs,” because it’s far better to be unoriginal than to be a mouth-breathing slurmongerer.