Chicago ESPN Zone Milks Media For Fifth Straight Year With Lame Contest

SPORTS BAR MILKS MEDIA WITH LAME CONTEST: Mark Brown of the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES has a piece on the Chicago ESPN Zone’s yearly publicity grab called the “Ultimate Couch Potato Contest (it’s obviously still working after five years of milking the media for free advertising).

The contest features four sad souls competing to see who can watch sports on TV for the most consecutive hours. Last year’s winner went 32 hours and won a recliner and television (woo-hoo!)

The contestants are allow a five-minute break every hour to stand and stretch and a bathroom break every eight hours. You are also allowed “15 minutes to go outside and get some fresh air and it’s also the only time they are allowed to use a cell phone.

Guessing the everyday lifestyle habits of such people, I doubt they’ll be in interested in either endeavor.

The contest ended early this morning - and I care about the result about as much as I care about late-night scores from a Washington Capitals west coast road trip.

On the bright side, the winner of the Chicago-based contest can go back to attending to his wife and children.