Chicago ESPN Radio Host Chet Coppock Attacked Outside Allstate Arena

CHET COPPOCK IGNORES BROADCASTING RESUME, CLAIMS ATTACK COMPLETELY UNJUSTIFIED: Various Chicago media outlets are reporting that local sportscaster Chet Coppock was assaulted “without provocation” outside AllState Arena Wednesday night after a DePaul basketball game:

Chet Coppock Assaulted

Coppock claims Jamie Waldron, 25, berated him (and his girlfriend) during the game, and then punched him in the parking lot afterwards. And that Coppock himself had absolutely nothing to do with initiating the attack.

Coppock, who’s been fired more times than a Cincinnati Bengal’s revolver, had nothing to do with the attack? Apparently he’s unaware that Waldron has heard his radio work lately.

I also must say, the reportage on this story is a little misguided. Shouldn’t the big lead have been that Coppock actually has a girlfriend?