O, NOPE: Chicago Bounced Out Of Olympic Voting

UPDATE: Rio gets The Games.

Barack Obama after Chicago eliminated from Olympic consideration

UPDATE: Tokyo has been eliminated, Madrid (thanks Juan!), Rio remain as finalists.

UPDATE: Updated odds on Madrid: 3 to 1. Rio: 1 to 5. Brazilian Real rose 1/2 % against the Dollar in currency markets when Chicago was eliminated.

UPDATE: President expected back at White House in two hours, will likely meet media about it at 4pm ET.

Chicago is out as a possible host for 2016 Summer Olympics. First city eliminated in the voting process. Madrid, Rio and Tokyo are the remaining cities still alive in the voting.

CNN reports “stunned silence” in streets of Chicago where massive crowds had gathered waiting for the announcement of which city would host The Games.

Honestly, why do people in those cities do that to themselves?

I was in Paris the day the city lost out to London for the 2012 Games, and it was an ugly scene. No point gathering people when there’s a very good chance for crushing disappointment.

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