Chicago Cubs Of College Football Make Their Move

Fresh off a 31-6 loss to Alabama last week, Florida Gator lineman Carl Johnson’s ‘these Crimson Tides are not gods‘ comment may have come off as comical.

Alabama South Carolina Scoreboard

(Fifth of Jack dumped in Bojangle’s gallon jug will do that)

But Johnson wasn’t proved wrong Saturday in Columbia.

Nick Saban made my other sign quit

My first job after graduating from the Univ. of Georgia was covering South Carolina football and basketball for WVOC-AM in Columbia, South Carolina.

From that experience I learned that no college football fanbase in history has supported a program more with less results to show for it.

Julio Dropped My Other Sign

Steve Spurrier as coach certainly complicates my emotions about the Gamecocks - as a UGA alum - but with the Georgia season officially rendered a stinkbomb, I can’t say I’ll be rooting against the closest thing college football has to the Chicago Cubs.