Chicago Cubs Controlling The Message When It Comes To Jeff Samardzija Struggles

CUBS SAMARDZIJA’S BLOG DOWNED DURING MINORS FLOP: The CHICAGO TRIBUNE’s Steve Rosenbloom has this gem on ex-Notre Dame receiver Jeff Samardzija, who turned down a sure shot in the NFL to grab baseball bonus money (and accompanying minor league anonymity in the Cubs farm system):

Jeff Samardzija

Rosenbloom, who recently escaped the fate of further working with ESPN mouth-breather Sean Salisbury on Chicago AM radio, has made the transition to web as well as any dinosaur media member we can think of.

Sean Salisbury No Internet

Then again, since we don’t read newspapers (except when accidently discovering one underneath bowling alley cigarette machines while searching for dropped change), don’t take that as an overly-informed opinion.