Chicago Blackhawks Player Mistaken For Robbery Suspect

CONFUSED COPS HOLD HOCKEY PLAYER AS RECENT ROBBER A Chicago Blackhawks player out for a jog was stopped by the cops, after being mistaken for a robbery suspect:

Tuomo Ruutu robber

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE reports that Tuomo Ruutu was held by police Tuesday in suburban Bensenville. Ruutu’s black running outfit and hat were similar in description to a man who just robbed an apartment complex.After a few minutes, police released Ruutu, with officials calling it an “unfortunate coincidence”. The real robbery suspect is still at large.

But Ruttu brushed off the mix-up: “I was just in the wrong spot at the wrong time. It happens to me all the time.”

Happens all the time, eh? Maybe Bensenville police should do a background check on the on-ice checker.

Chicago Police car

Since home games haven’t been on local TV for decades, it’s understandable that Chicago cops wouldn’t recognize a Blackhawk if they saw one.