Bears Super Bowl Champ Clothes Sent To Africa

• DEADSPIN discovers where all the pre-printed apparel of championship losers ends up:

Chicago Bears hat Africa

Bet the youngsters in Senegal can’t wait for their 2007 Colorado Rockies World Series shirts to show up!• RUMORS AND RANTS knows USC QB Mark Sanchez is feeling the heat, but it’s nothing compared to what his dad is facing in battling SoCal wildfires.

• INFO WORLD warns of Microsoft having to deal with their own “Kobe Bryant” moment.

• EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY crosses paths with one horny Florida football fan:

Florida Gators viking

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT takes off to see how some ex-NFL hopefuls are doing in the Great White North, eh?• While tracking down the whereabouts of ex-West Virginia star Kevin Pittsnogle, 100% INJURY RATE finds a French player that just has to make it to the NBA - Steeve Ho You Fat.

• OUR BOOK OF SCRAP watches their head, as GoDaddy Girl and WWE wrestler Candice Michelle takes a nasty spill off the top turnbuckle.

Candice Michelle WWE

Don’t forget to check out the numerous replays!• JERRY’S WHEELHOUSE joins the revolution, as Versus can possibly be the rebel yell against the ESPN sports dictatorship.

• Maybe Pete Carroll’s right about the Irish turf: THE BLUE-GRAY SKY jumps at news of a Army paratrooper hurting his foot while landing at Notre Dame Stadium on Saturday.

• South Florida just can’t get any respect, as MORE CREDIBLE discovers ESPN mistaking the Bulls’ logo with rival Central Florida’s:

USF UCF logos

• YAY SPORTS! NBA is ready for battle, as Gilbert Arenas recruits for war - paintball war!• SHAKEDOWN SPORTS learns a lesson from Maryland QB Josh Portis, who’s telling elementary schoolchildren not to cheat.