Chicago Already Wary Of Jay Cutler’s Partying

No Bears quarterback has averaged 200 yards per game since Erik Kramer in 1997 (There’s no shame in having to Google Kramer). But Jay Cutler has averaged at least 200 ypg in each of his first three seasons, so it’s no surprise that he’s being treated in Chicago like the football messiah (not to be confused with the football Jesus, who plays for Minnesota).

Jay Cutler

So everyone who sees Cutler out in Downtown Chicago just has to buy him a drink, and Chicago’s front office is a little worried that he seems to be accepting more often than not. Heck, they even checked out his partying habits before they completed the trade. Are we really talking about the same team that just finished the Kyle Orton era?

According to the CHICAGO TRIBUNE, when the schedule came out and showed the Bears with five primetime games, one member of the Bears management quipped that it was a good thing, because Cutler plays so well at night.

“When we did our research, we know he goes out, we know he does those things,” [Bears GM Jerry] Angelo said. “We talked to our medical people, we talked to the Denver medical people. It comes with the territory. We’re comfortable with it. I really can’t answer it beyond that.”

Well, we already know the Bears comfortable with their QB hitting the bars. Or have we forgotten the last few years in ChiTown:

Kyle Orton

Angelo says Cutler is in charge of checking himself before he wrecks himself:

“I’m not going to micromanage a person. If we have to do that, that’s not a good sign. Some lessons they have to see and learn for themselves. I don’t think that’s a big thing at this point. What he does on Sunday is how we’re going to evaluate him. That’s the bottom line. He gets it.”

So as long as he gets it done on the field, there won’t be any problems off the field. I guess that explains why Orton’s gone.