Country Star Loves NFL, Really Loves NFL Players

Kenny Chesney loves football. Not as much as he loves Peyton Manning, but it’s close. Yesterday, the country music star made his second straight appearance at Saints’ training camp.

Kenny Chesney works out with Saints

And because he’s head coach Sean Payton’s good buddy, Chesney not only got a practice jersey (it even had his name on it!), but he also got to work out with the first team, something Reggie Bush hasn’t always been able to say. In addition to fielding punts and catching passes from quarterback Drew Brees, we also learned that Chesney has a fondness for helping grown men undress.

Courtesy of Payton, who presumably couldn’t tell the story fast enough:

Mike McKenzie and Kenny Chesney are from opposite ends of the earth and yet here they are this one afternoon, Kenny is noticing that Mike is wearing the same clothes he’s been in all day from rehab and he knows that (McKenzie) wants to get in the shower,” Payton said. “So somewhere about 7:30 or 8 at night, and I’d love to see this, Chesney is undressing McKenzie to get him in the shower right before the LSU national championship game. They went off and had dinner that night. So I’m at the game and I get a phone call from Chesney and McKenzie and I’m thinking of all people, these two are together.”

Chesney did clarify, but it’s hardly as riveting a story: He & McKenzie were going to the National Championship game, McKenzie was slow to get ready because of the injury, and to move things along, Chesney decided to help out. I like Payton’s version better.

In related news, the University of Nebraska wrasslin’ team has asked Chesney to serve as the honorary trainer for the upcoming season.

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