Chesney Is Single, Brown Hasn’t Met Ex-Girlfriend

This week Star Magazine featured photos of ESPN college football sideline reporter Jenn Brown and Kenny Chesney together on a beach in Cancun.

Jenn Brown and Kenny Chesney photos

In a companion piece with the photos, Star’s headline screamed: “Kenny Chesney, Caught Cheating!

With his longtime girlfriend (pageant queen Amy Colley) at home in Tennessee, Kenny Chesney jets off on a hot Mexican getaway with ESPN sportscaster Jenn Brown!

Later in the Star piece, we get this:

An eyewitness said, “They (Chesney and Brown) definitely looked like lovers, like they didn’t have a care in the world.”

The same couldn’t be said of Kenny’s girlfriend, Amy. “She was livid when she found out about the trip!” an insider reveals.

“She feels totally humiliated because she knows Jenn. The three even hung out together before! Amy feels that Jenn has been chasing after Kenny even though she knew he was in a relationship.”

Such a sad story. If only it were true.

Jenn Brown and Kenny Chesney photos

Today a source close to Brown told me that the ESPN reporter has never met Colley and that Chesney is single. From the source:

“Jenn and Kenny have been friends for a long time and neither of them are in a relationship. Jenn has never met his ex-girlfriend Amy and if she thought he had a girlfriend, Jenn would never have gone away with him. They are just casually dating and getting to know each other better.”

In other words, doing what adults do.

I’ve never met or spoken with Brown but I’ve been impressed with her on-air talent. With her career at ESPN just getting off the ground, it’s a shame to see it weighed down in the tabloids by such a bogus portrayal.

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