Chelsea Fans Got A Police Escort Out Of Moscow?

From what we haven’t seen coming out of Moscow after Chelsea’s choke yesterday, it appears that Russian media embargo police plan really worked (we’re guessing it was the bed chains).


Thousands of Chelsea fans were bussed under police escort to their airports soon after their team lost on penalties.

“This has been a successful operation. We are pleased at the lack of trouble. Most fans have seen a great game and are going back to Britain safe, if wet,” said a police commander at the stadium.

Chelsea Fans Riot After Champions League loss

But of course, we can’t say the same for London police’s plan (fan out everyone!) to keep Chelsea fans from rioting in the streets of London’s posh (it really is, actually) west end.

The Daily Mail reports that blood was spilled (see above Chelsea flag) during clashes between the bobbies and yobbies last night.

Hundreds of Chelsea supporters who had been watching the game on TV in pubs and bars on Fulham Broadway poured onto the streets.

The scene turned ugly when a huge crowd who had been noisy and abusive and chanting songs began hurling objects at police and passers-by. Shortly after 11pm, dozens of police riot vans raced to the scene with sirens blaring.

A squad of around 100 officers sealed off the street and contained the crowd outside the Tube station. Blood stained the pavement outside the building which houses the station and a shopping centre. As the stand-off developed, hooligans - including several young women - hurled bottles and dustbins at police before running back into the crowd.

Phew! That was close. We’ve been wondering all week who inside or outside of Brittania would stand up for the good name of English soccer hooligans. Thank goodness they didn’t let us down.