Cheerleader Gunplay Somehow Not Sexy Or Cool

We’re all in agreement that cheerleaders are awesome. Mascots too. And don’t get me started on “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.” Put them all together and what do you get? A pep rally that’s actually pretty tasteless and offensive.

Hayden Panattiere

This, of course, comes from Texas, where they take their high school sports a little too seriously. But even for a jaded, soulless wretch like me, this doesn’t just cross the line, it takes a Bob Beamon leap over it.

Seems Nacogdoches High School held a pep rally to hype up the students before a game. As Enrico Morricone’s famous score blared over the loudspeakers, a group of cheerleaders dressed in the colors of rival Center High School “kidnapped” Duke the Dragon, Nacogdoches’ mascot. Then a second group of cheerleaders came and rescued Duke, subdued the CHS cheerleaders, forced them to kneel on the floor, and “executed” them with toy guns. Surprisingly, some people aren’t too pleased. (Zapruder-esque footage after the jump.)

Students at NHS began circulating a petition criticizing the glorification of guns. Imagine that! That goes against every stereotype I’ve been raised to believe about Texas. Then an editorial appeared the the school paper, but not after undergoing some heavy editing from principal Nathan Chaddick, who not only took the piece off the front page, but excised parts he found overkill. The paragraphs he deemed innapropriate?

“We realize it was intended to raise school spirit, but it is inappropriate to allow such a display of excessive violence in a high school. This is not only unacceptable in a school environment, but also from a moral standpoint. This skit did not portray the other team as our opponent in a sports game, but as an enemy.

This skit and all of its implications were approved by an authoritative figure with the power and responsibility to edit the skit.

Such an authority should certainly show more discretion in the future.”

Oh yeah, that’ll foment a revolution in the halls. Chaddick said he censored and moved the editorial because the authors had a personal grudge against the cheerleaders. I’m not sure what twisted, backwoods, “Mean Girls” world he’s living in, and I generally support his pro-cheerleader agenda, but it’s hard to justify what he calls “a little country, cowboy-type skit.”

As for the game? Nacogdoches went on to murder Center, 26-6.