Cheapshot: Michigan’s Shaw Ready For Big House

This week MGOBLOG points us to a delightful video on the official University of Michigan football website that features UM running backs coach Fred Jackson bonding with his charges.

Michigan Michael Shaw Semi-Automatic Airsoft Gun

Jackson is seen hosting a dinner at his home for his position players, one of whom is Michael Shaw. (Yes, the same Shaw who bullied a pad-less Ohio St. player at Ann Arbor last year.)

Michigan Player Michael Shaw Pushes Ohio State Person In Tunnel

(Shaw’s other cheap shot)

Next to Shaw on a countertop is what looks to be two semi-automatic pistols.

The pistols though are actually airsoft guns that shoot pellets.

Michigan Michael Shaw Semi-Automatic Airsoft Gun

What looks dangerous, takes shots that can injure people on impact but almost never completely breaks through to the intended target?

Stumped? Try brushing up on the RichRod era at UM.