Charlotte Auto Racing writer Thomas Jensen ha…

Charlotte Auto Racing writer Thomas Jensen has a fascinating study of the cheatin’ hearts of NASCAR drivers through the years. Some of the guilty-as-charged cheaters are legends of the sport, like Richard Petty, Junior Johnson and Tony Stewart. Couple quickies:

Petty crewman and former Rusty Wallace crew chief Barry Dodson: "I’d hide in the trunk and open up the fuel cell to where it held two more gallons than it was supposed to. I’d tap on the quarter panel, and they’d open up the trunk and get me out."

Historian Bob Latford on one of NASCAR’s most time-tested tricks: replacing an illegal part with one even more flagrantly illegal. "One time at Martinsville, Holman-Moody’s car that Fred Lorenzen drove got caught. It was supposed to be a 22-gallon gas tank, and there was 22.9-gallons or something like that, and they made him take it out and take it away.

"And the team fussed and fumed and did the work, and they put a 28-gallon tank back in. They never checked the one they replaced it with."

Lots more classic stuff. Check it!