Charlie Weis Tells Someone Else to Lose Weight?!

Chinedum Ndukwe plays strong safety for the Cincinnati Bengals. So you automatically assume this post is going to be about another NFL player getting in trouble with the law. But you’re wrong! Ndukwe is actually the Bengals’ rep for the NFL’s “Play 60″ program, designed to help kids be active for at least 60 minutes a day. In addition, Chinedum has also set up his own foundation to help teach children how to eat properly and take better care of themselves. So there!

Chinedum Ndukwe Charlie Weis

(Guess who’s taking weight advice from who)

So, who inspired Ndukwe to live & promote a healthier lifestyle? None other than that paragon of perfect health himself: Charlie Weis.


(Ndukwe) remembers Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis challenging him to lose 20 pounds going into his senior year of college.

“It made me be meticulous about my diet,” Ndukwe said. “It gave me accountability.”

Yes, Charlie Weis telling others to lose weight. The words “pot”, “kettle” and “black” immediately spring to mind.

But it must not have been too hard for Chinedum to keep his appetite in check. Watching the last few years of Fighting Irish football is enough to make any Golden Domer’s stomach churn.

Anyway, Ndukwe is making strides in trying to help citizens in Cincy stay on the path of good help. He became further locally involved when he encountered a “Anti-Guitar Hero” rally at his Whole Foods grocery store. The rally provided kids with real guitars so they could actually learn how to play the real thing instead of just standing in front of a TV pressing buttons.

However, even when trying to help out his new community, Ndukwe wanted to keep his Bengal background a secret:

“I don’t bring up what I do,” Ndukwe said. “People treat you differently once they know (you’re a professional athlete). … When it did come up, we didn’t dwell on it. (Store manager) Scott (Hartman) was cool with it. The conversation just kept going. It didn’t switch to football.”

Realizing Ndukwe was a Bengal, the manager probably kept talking to stall for time while his employees phoned the police. But I kid Chinedum, the Bengals & Whole Foods.