Charlie Weis Looking To New England Patriots For Football Help

IRISH COACH ASKS NEW ENGLAND FOR FOOTBALL ADVICE: Charlie Weis is desperate for help, and he’s going to his former employer to get it:

Charlie Weis Bill Belichick

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE reports that the Notre Dame coach will be chatting with the Patriots this off-season, hoping to get some constructive criticism and gridiron advice:”I think those guys would have no problem telling me what things I did right and what things I did wrong.”

Charlie Weis Tom Brady

Weis, who was the Pats’ offensive coordinator before leaving for South Bend, is looking for answers to ND’s dismal 2-9 season, which mercifully comes to an end this Saturday at Stanford.And what better source of football knowledge than a 10-0 NFL squad that’s coming off of a 56-10 blitzing of Buffalo.

Those people…won’t be afraid of saying to me, ‘What the heck are you doing?’ And that’s what I want.”

Charlie Weis

Weis doesn’t need to go all the way to Foxboro to hear that response. Hundreds of Irish fans have already been telling him the same thing all season.