Charlie Coles Can Sometimes Get a Little Touchy

Miami of Ohio coach Charlie Coles didn’t let us down after his Redhawks barely lost to Kentucky last night in Lexington on John Wall’s game-winning shot.

Charlie Coles

(I love that man)

A reporter made the mistake of asking Coles how the game “got away” from Miami at the end.

That’s when the fun began.

“Let me see here, Kentucky Wildcats, number-four in the country, I’m hearing four first-round draft choices, and you’re asking me how that got away from me? … awkward pause … why don’t you ask John (Calipari) why it was so close? I’m not going to answer that question man. We get beat but come up with a brilliant effort. WOW, how things change.”

“They’re the Big Blue! … I’m not mad at you (reporter). Where are you from? … You from Lexington? Oh my lord. How did it get away from me?”

Don’t know about you, but I’m checking on my eligibility as we speak. I’m ready to lace ‘em for Coles RIGHT DAMN NOW.