Story Of Coach Killed In Fire Going To Big Screen?

We don’t know if there’s enough to hang one’s hat on in this CHARLESTON POST AND COURIER story about Hollywood sniffing around the story of Louis Mulkey, the Charleston firefighter that lost his life in the furniture store fire that took eight of his fellow firefighters as well in 2007. We just wanted an excuse to put this ESPN feature in front of you that ran last Sunday.

This video is not safe for work only because you may find it difficult to explain to your co-workers that quarterly earnings make you run through three tissues. We can try to help (”it’s just… well, amortizing goes to the very soul of me, you know?”), but we suspect it’s better if you’re patient.You may find this piece a bit maudlin or manipulative. We respect that on an intellectual level. However, we are what Carlo Rotella called sportswriters recently: “sentimentalists who think they’re cynics.” We’re suckers for this. We make no apologies.