Charles Oakley Writing a Book That May Displease Some Readers

OAKLEY’S UPCOMING BOOK MAY LEAD TO PERSONAL FOULS: Charles Oakley is proving that the pen is mightier than the layup, as he continues working on his book:

Charles Oakley bookcase

The 43-year-old ex-NBAer told the TORONTO STAR that his gift to the literary world will tell it like it is:

I’m not pulling any punches, true stories. It ain’t one of those Charles Barkley fake books….It’s not an O.J. book, it’s an Oakley book.”

Charles Barkley OJ Simpson

How many punches? Enough to make Oakley think his new novella might upset some potential readers, and enough to keep the idenity of his co-writer quiet.

People might try to come after us and take us down, maybe send a hit man. I have to protect myself, can’t let it get out.”

Charles Oakley money

However, C.O. says publication may be postponed if he returns to the court - but only if the price is right.

I’m not coming back cheap. If you read this article and you think you can get me cheap, there’s another thought coming.”