Charles Barkley To Have Televised Colonoscopy

Who is Charles Barkley? Given his propensity for “keeping it real” so frequently, it’s not a question we as a society normally seek to answer, just because he’s normally open about everything. However, if you have always wanted to know the inner things living deep inside Barkley to make him the man he really is, you’re about to get a treat. Or a really, really gross & rude awakening.

Barkley Ouch

flushes out the news (from PHILLY.COM) that Chuckles is about to undergo a televised colonoscopy in the name of a cancer benefit. And it looks like we finally get to find out just how full of it Barkley really is.

Yeah, it’s an unpleasant reality check that will probably have way-hay too many Americans tuning in — in the name of cancer! — to check out the Chuck’s piping:

The former Sixers superstar has been asked to undergo a televised colonoscopy as part of the “Stand Up to Cancer” special being aired Sept. 5 by NBC, CBS and ABC. Barkley said yesterday he’s flying to Alabama today to prepare for the procedure on Friday.

Sir Charles, 45, says he was surprised that the show approached him, but was happy to participate in promoting awareness for colonoscopies, which screen for prostate and other cancers.

Barkley said that when he told his friend Fred Lavner, of NB2 Apparel, about being asked to undergo the procedure on television, Lavner replied they were “probably just looking for the celebrity with the biggest ass.”

Zing! Honestly, there are very few things that I wouldn’t watch Barkley do … and I’m tempted to say that this is one of them.

But then I remember that before we get that inside-the-sphincter-cam going, we’ll first get to see him squirm around in an operating room and make highly, highly inappropriate comments. Or just requesting that they rename the charity “Stand Up and Sprint for Cancer”. Or making jokes with the phrase “fleck of steak”. Or … well you get the point.

Although honestly, a brief reality-type show of Barkley being in Alabama “preparing” for this treatment might be the most watchable thing they could possibly put together. Edited for content, of course.