Sir Charles A Sucker For TNT Teleprompter Pranks

We’ll be getting the new Eagles cheerleaders’ bikini calendar - but only because we, too, care so deeply about preserving our Mother Earth.

• Stay Classy, Atlanta! Charles Barkley makes Ron Burgundy proud.

Ron Burgundy Charles Barkley

Derek Jeter makes his own mark on Maxim’s Hot 100.

Chris Henry is really a good guy - if you ignore the ankle monitor.

Charlie Weis suggests where Michigan can hold their next practice.

• Say, was Cedric Benson out boating with Whoopi Goldberg?

• The Miami Marine Mammals are made of may Mormons.

• Upon receiving Matt Walsh’s tapes, we hope the NFL remembers to be kind & rewind.

• Surgery for Andrew Bynum just might be knee-ded.

• Some motorists just can’t seem to properly cycle through their road rage.

Coldplay to entertain(?) ESPN’s Euro 2008 viewers.