Charles Barkley Bent On Boxing Away His Blubber

Former basketball player and current TNT analyst Charles Barkley has never been the model of fitness, but back in his playing days it didn’t matter much. Charles could eat whatever he wanted, and as long as he was running up and down a court, he could stay in relatively decent (and by “decent”, I mean “gelatinous”) shape. Of course, now that Charles is retired, he isn’t getting as much exercise.

Charles Barkley takes up boxing

Apparently sitting behind the desk in the TNT studios or at the nearest blackjack table doesn’t do much to help take the weight off - and as a result, Charles has been packing away the pounds. It’s not something Sir Charles is pleased with, and after stepping on a scale & seeing he’d ballooned up to 330 pounds, he decided he needed to do something about it.

So considering that the only thing Barkley enjoys more than basketball, gambling, and eating is fighting, it’s pretty obvious what avenue he’d choose to lose weight. He sure as hell isn’t going on a diet, so instead he’s decided to step into the ring.

The soon-to-be not-so-Round Mound of Rebound has been training at Joltin’ Jabs (4313 Main) in Manayunk. Barkley told us that he’d read that “Joltin’ ” Joey DeMalavez had recently trained NBC 10’s Vai Sikahema for what turned out to be his first-round knockout of Jose Canseco.

“My doctor told me I was a Happy Meal away from diabetes,” Barkley told us Friday. “I have to get my fat ass back together,” he said.

Barkley’s work with DeMalavez is already paying off, as he said he’s already lost nearly 30 pounds and plans to continue working with DeMalavez through the rest of the summer. Still, something tells me that these boxing classes Charles is taking aren’t just to lose weight. I’m wondering if Charles is getting prepared for a rematch with the legendary Charles Oakley.

After all, it was the Oak Tree who took Sir Charles down to the ground in a preseason game back in 1996, and Oak also slapped Charles in a union meeting during the 1998 lockout. Oakley reportedly told Barkley at the time, “Every time I see you, I’m going to slap you.”

Maybe Charles is tired of getting slapped and is prepared to return fire with right hooks. Tell me you wouldn’t watch that on pay-per-view, I know I would.