Barkley Brings Bucks For Busboy’s College Tuition

Charles Barkley is giving his money away again, and this time to a much nobler cause than going into Steve Wynn’s pockets. The PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS reports that Sir Charles has decided to fund one special busboy’s college education.

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You know, in a way Sir Charles is almost like Robin Hood: He tries to take from the rich, but since he’s not very good at it, he gives to the poor out of his own pocket. So he’s actually better than Robin Hood, even if he probably can’t fire an arrow straight.

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From the PDN:

CHRISTIAN ABATE majored in education at Temple, but put his studies on hold for a few years while having financial hardship. He’s worked as a busboy for eight years at Saloon (750 S. 7th), where he struck up a friendship with one generous regular at the Italian restaurant who volunteered to pay his Temple tuition.

During a visit to Saloon last summer, Charles Barkley asked Abate how he was enjoying teaching, and was disappointed to learn that Abate had still not returned to Temple because of problems securing financial aid. Abate, 28, of South Philly, started at Temple in 1997, months after graduating from St. John Neumann High.

Sir Charles told Abate he would like to help him with his tuition, and Abate wasn’t sure how to respond. Barkley didn’t give him much time, telling Abate that he had the length of Barkley’s meal to decide. Abate wisely accepted.

While the optimist in us wants to believe this latest move proves Chuck is just a really, really nice guy, it’s hard not to be cynical and look at this charity as just another example of Sir Charles performing damage control. That said, we’d be more willing to believe the former if he kept on helping out the poor.

Oh, did we mention that we still have college loans to pay off?