Charles Barkley hates Nielsen rating system but wants NBA team in Las Vegas

CHARLES BARKS FOR NBA VEGAS TEAM, HOWLS AT NIELSEN: Sir Charles decrees his support for a Vegas NBA team, but disagrees with the way TV viewership is rated.

Barkley and TNT colleague Kenny Smith recently held court with the media, and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED was there to absorb the knowledge.

Barkley SI misspell

Of course, it would help if SI learned to spell Chuck’s last name correctly.Among the nuggets of wisdom tossed around, Charles is on Oscar Goodman’s side in trying to bring a franchise to the mayor’s good city: “We need a team in Vegas. Gambling is not bad for you. It’s like alcohol. Alcohol ain’t bad for you unless you are an alcoholic.”

Charles Barkley poker

Although Chuck’s all for playing in Sin City, he’s not so cheerio about placing NBA squads abroad:”I’ve got no problem going to play exhibition games over there: taking (Manu) Ginobili back to Argentina, taking Tony Parker back to France, taking Dirk (Nowitzki) back to Germany, Yao Ming over to China; I think that’s great. But to have a real game and having guys fly - I flew to China this summer, and it’s a 15-hour flight - you can’t play basketball in that situation. It’s just not good for you.”

Barkley also chimes in on the idiocy of Nielsen’s iron grip of the idiot box:

The rating system is full of s—….You can’t give three people in this room a box and assume 5,000 or 10,000 are watching the same thing.

Sanford & Son

“I can tell you if they gave me and my boy Kenny a box, ‘Sanford and Son’ would have been the No. 1 show in the Nielsen ratings!

Where’s the love for “Good Times”, or “The Jeffersons”?

But with a writers strike looming, Redd Foxx’s reruns may get the top spot yet.