Charles Barkley Gets ‘Catty’ On ‘Inside The NBA’

One of the time-honored traditions in most forms of sports broadcasting is the shout-out to/thanking of the production staff at the end of games. It’s a nice little gesture to let audiences know that it takes much more than a couple of talking heads to put on a sportscasts; none of the blowhards on camera could do their thing without the producers, directors, cameramen, and other hard-working people behind the scenes. TNT’s INSIDE THE NBA, however, ain’t “most forms” of broadcasting, and loudmouth Charles Barkley ain’t “most broadcasters.”

Charles Barkley


After last night’s game, a 103-90 Orlando Magic beatdown of the Cavs that sent the Magic to the NBA Finals and signaled the end of the season’s TNT NBA broadcasts, the INSIDE THE NBA crew assembled to thank their production staff. Everything went fine until Sir Charles let loose, calling executive producer Tim Kiely … well, a “cat”, in a manner of speaking. Video impropriety, including an unprovoked potshot at Kenny Smith’s family jewels, after the jump.

It’s hard to tell if Barkley is being serious or joking around at his producer’s expense, but judging by cohost Reggie Miller’s astounded reaction, it certainly wasn’t planned. Thanks to YOU BEEN BLINDED, roll the tape:

What is wrong with you?” Reggie, surely you know the answer to that: He’s probably drunk. Barkley’s carefully cultivated his reputation as a lovable lout who can get away with saying just about anything, but it’s kind of weak to throw that out there in the last minute of the year’s last broadcast, not giving the producer a chance to fight back in a subsequent telecast - and you KNOW there would be payback. Next year’s first broadcast ought to be fun; you know the producers will be out to punk Barkley in some form or another.