Blogz: Charissa Makes Pack Win So Much Sweeter

• The SPORTS BUBBLER’S DAILY DRINK was quite happy on Sunday, not just because the Packers beat the Lions, but because they also got to witness sideline sweetie Charissa Thompson report on the action.

Charissa Thompson

• BRAHSOME waves a flag of warning, as Bob Griese isn’t so impartial when it comes to calling ABC games at alma mater Purdue.

• WITH LEATHER slithers up the latest on Jake “The Snake” Roberts, as the wrestling legends still knows how to wow a crowd - as in, “Wow, this guy looks terrible.”

• The LINCOLN (NE) JOURNAL STAR has the story on Jackie Standley, the mother who was supposedly never there for Joba Chamberlain.

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS passes along news that David Beckham was booed by fans in Kansas City.  Based on the Chiefs’ catastrophe against the Raiders, guess KC folks feel the need to hate all kinds of football.

Dan Steinberg of DC SPORTS BOG needles us with many images of a well-tattooed Redskins fan.

• The MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE hits a bullseye, as the Twins’ new ballpark will be called Target Field.

• UGLY FUGLY averts their eyes, as they can’t stand looking at their choices of the 15 worst college logos.