Chargers NT Calls “Game Over” On OT Coin Toss

Everyone remembers Matt Hasselbeck’s not so timely flawed prognostication during the Seahawks’ first playoff foray back in 2004, when the Seattle quarterback loudly declared “We want the ball and we’re going to score,” after winning the overtime coin toss. Well, last night Chargers nose tackle Jamal Williams boldly made the same declaration, albeit with a bit more brevity. As soon as the Chargers won the coin toss, Williams loudly announced: “Game over” to the group of captains at midfield. Unlike Monsieur Hasselbeck, Williams will be playing in the second round of the playoffs, making it one of the ballsiest on-the-spot predictions in recent years.

jamal williams chargers
(Jamal Williams: A fatter instant Nostradamus.)

The story, and the video you see after the jump (The “Game over” line comes at 0:23), were discovered by FANHOUSE earlier today, and in retrospect, Williams kind of steals the overtime spotlight. Not to diminish Darren Sproles’s rather sizable game (in terms of achievements, not in terms of his size, obviously), but having a defensive lineman say “Game over” after winning the coin toss is not exactly an everyday occurrence. After all, that’s basically saying, “We’re so good, I’m not even going to have to play in this extra period.”

Evidently that’s the kind of gusto you can preen around with when you have a 5-foot-6 running back who racks up 328 total yards in a single game … when he didn’t start and no one knew how many carries he’d even get.

darren sproles
(Darren Sproles is a bad, bad man.)

Sure, the Chargers got the benefit of three penalties on the decisive drive, one of which was an incredibly dubious holding call. Still, Sproles was an outright beast. There’s no denying it, and clearly Williams knew it, too. That he was willing to put all his chips on the table and risk pissing off Peyton Manning to prove just how much he knew it is what makes his declaration stand out.

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