Charger Investigated: ‘Assault with deadly weapon’

UPDATE: Earlier today, the SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE reported on a “bar fight” at a Pacific Beach establishment involving “at least one Chargers player” - but no names were mentioned. Could that mean more Chargers are involved? Stay tuned.

Antonio Cromartie is being investigated for assault with a deadly weapon over a bruising incident in a San Diego bar last night.

Antonio Cromartie

(Travis Henry approves)

TMZ reports Cromartie may have “threw a champagne bottle which hit a bystander in the head.

The bystander suffered a gash on his head, but an ambulance was not called, indicating there wasn’t a serious injury.


Witnesses claim there was champagne being sprayed back and forth between Cromartie’s party and other bar patrons — until the mood changed and someone threw a bottle.

We’re told the bystander had a cut on his head — but no ambulance was called to the scene.

Law enforcement sources tell us 25-year-old Cromartie was identified as the bottle-thrower by at least one person — but there are conflicting stories from other witnesses.

 There have been no charges filed, so proceed with caution on this one.

The stories of Cromartie’s “several different” baby mommas can, once again, officially commence.

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