Charger Girls Work Hard To Make You Entertained

• We shake our pom-poms in salute to those hard-working, fast-moving, good-looking San Diego Charger Girls.

• The Chicago Bears are still alive, thanks to Brian Urlacher using his head.

• A Toronto Blue Jays choreographer is in trouble after admitting to dancing between the sheets with a 15-year-old bird.

• The perfect holiday gift for the righteous God-fearing hunter in your life: A camouflaged bible.

• This year’s ladies’ long drive golf champion used to be a SWAT officer … and a man!

• Not happy with controlling collegiate sports, ESPN is now going after high school basketball.

• Money-mad Mark Teixeira will be batting in the Bronx this season.

• An Italian soccer player hopes to someday leave the pitch to perform in porno films.

• And the winner of today’s mini-Clippers caption contest is …

Los Angeles Clippers kids

A tie! JT’sJust when you thought Mugsy Bouges was finally out of the league ……“, is complimented well with Rod Allen’sNice to see Spud Webb making a comeback.”

Thanks for playing. One more pre-Christmas contest jingles your way tomorrow.