Channing Crowder, Sanitized For Your Protection

The joys of Twitter are many: immediate communication with friends and family. Following the highlights of your favorite celebrity’s day. Real-time updates on important current events. And my favorite, being privileged the unimpeded NFL player’s vernacular.

Channing Crowder's Off-Color Quote About The Saints

(What happens when they go 16-0? *shudder*)

For instance, here’s Miami Dolphin Channing Crowder as he waxes philosophic to the MIAMI HERALD about the team’s opponent this Sunday, the undefeated New Orleans Saints.

After Tweeting Crowder’s uncensored ponderance, MIAMI HERALD sportswriter David Neal assured his followers that the quote would indeed end up in print, but in a slightly altered form:

David Neal Tweet About Channing Crowder's Quote About The Saints

Don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see the meatball surgery the Herald’s night desk guy does on that. Probably something out of the network censor school for Smokey And The Bandit III.

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