Chamberlain’s Old Mansion Still Uniquely His Own

First of all, an aside - has it really been a decade since Wilt Chamberlain passed away? Really. Damn. 10 years and a day. Luckily, just as Chamberlain seemed larger than life, so too do many of his accomplishments stand longer than his life. What’s that? Oh, we’re talking about basketball, of course. You… you’re not still thinking about the tens of thousands of women he conquered, are you?

WIlt Chamberlain House
(Doesn’t it kind of look like two people doing it? No? Okay, we’re stretching on that one.)

Well, just as the record books focus on his on-court activities, his old house still stands as a monument to his off-court persona. It’s not all the same, of course, but even the current owner - a Russian transplant who had never even heard of Chamberlain - still preserving some details of the house in honor of the most prolific ladyslayer of our time.


Ten years after Wilt Chamberlain was found dead of heart failure in the upstairs bedroom, ownership of the hilltop hideaway in Bel-Air has changed hands twice, but the memory of the former Lakers center has been respectfully preserved even as much of the interior has been reconsidered and remodeled.

Many of what Chamberlain once called his home’s “kinky details” are gone, among them a mirrored ceiling in the master bedroom that retracted to reveal open sky and a Cleopatra-inspired sunken bathtub that sat at the foot of the bed.

Owner Dmitri Novikov, […] though in the middle of an extensive remodeling project, has kept in place a high-relief photo series of an attractive nude woman papered floor to ceiling in a guest bathroom. Perhaps it’s a nod to the boastful bachelor who had it installed and famously claimed to have bedded 20,000 women.

Perhaps? Um, yes, perhaps, unless Novikov also has a thing for banging everything in sight.

Fortunately, aside from the memorabilia that’ll inhabit one of the game rooms, other aspects of the house will remain the same, including the living room flor that opens to the pool. Yes, really. Granted, the pool’s been sectioned off into three separate areas witha¬† lap pool in the middle, so it’s not quite as swank, but it’s still a hell of a lot cooler than anything you’ve got in your home (Oh, you put up a Fathead next to the pool table? And a dartboard?? That’s adorable).

The funny part of it is, though, Chamberlain’s old attorney doesn’t think the nods to the late Hall of Famer are even what he would have wanted:

Attorney Sy Goldberg, executor of Chamberlain’s estate, says of his good friend, “I don’t think he would have given a damn what anybody else did to the house for their purpose.”

Chamberlain did with it what he wanted, Goldberg notes, and would have expected subsequent owners to do the same.

And while that’s all fine and good, it’s probably safe to defer to the most well-traveled crotch in history in terms of making a house a home. Especially a home for banging.