Chair Toss Throws Out Game Six Party At Staples

Although the Lakers have already played their final home game of the season, many L.A. fans were planning on heading back to Staples Center tonight, hoping to watch their team stay alive in the NBA Finals. But for those on the 10 or 101 or 110 heading downtown, you might as well turn around - the viewing party’s been nixed.

Jack Nicholson Staples Center

(Sorry, Jack - Find somewhere else to screech tonight)

Kevin Modesti of the L.A. DAILY NEWS reports that Staples will not be showing tonight’s Game 6 on their big screens. Fans had previously been allowed inside the arena to watch Games 1 & 2 in the Lakers-Celtics showdowns.

So, why not tonight? Because Lakers & Celtics fans can’t play nice.

During the Game 2 screening, a fan in a Boston jersey got into with a surrounding mob of Lakers. Words were exchanged, then a couple of fists, and finally a Lakers fan threw a chair at the Celtics supporter. Let’s go to the tape:

(Chair coming in around :31)

Staples officials figured they didn’t want a deal with another potential problem like that, especially if the Lakers lose tonight. Any Celtics fans that would be at Staples this evening would likely be killed & hung from the Magic Johnson statue outside the arena entrance.

And the LAPD isn’t too thrilled about these “Home Court Advantage” events, either, since they claim they need to send at least 130 officers to the arena & the area to keep the peace. (Maybe they were short a couple of cops for the Game 2 tussle.)

So all you Lakers fans wanting to pay $10-$15 to watch the game will have to go elsewhere. (To be fair, admission to these events was all going into the coffers of local charities.) So just stay at home & throw your chairs at the kids.