Chad Ochocinco Proud of His “Mexican” Heritage

First of all, the fact that Chad Ochocinco is on Twitter and nobody bothered to tell us is reprehensible. We’re not sure if it’s verified, but it certainly smells right: a self-taken profile picture, reference to it actually being him in the username, and most importantly, the pervasive, almost desperate earnestness that seems to inform his every decision these days. If it’s not him, bravo, it’s one hell of an impression.

Ocho Cinco
(So does this mean that the typo’s on his jersey, or in his name? This is so confusing.)

To that end, one unwitting blogger fired a Marvin Lewis joke to Ochocinco on Twitter last night. What he got in return was vintage Ochocinco: pure unleaded crazy with a fat dollop of bravado and a dash of racial stereotypes.


Ocho Cinco Twitter

For the record, this is the Ochocinco we like: rather than spending time demanding a trade or whatever, he’s letting his playful, imaginative side out. Y’know, the… oh, I’m sorry Chad, you’re not done? Oh, someone asked you about your first touchdown celebration of 2009?

Hanging a pinyata off the goalpost and i am gonna hit it with the pylon after i score

I’m sure Roger Goodell would be just fine with that. Actually, I want to see that happen solely for the NFL’s reaction. Goodell’s head may explode on live TV.