Ocho Cinco Wouldn’t Mind Dancing With Dolphins

It’s homecoming weekend for Chad Johnson. The Cincinnati receiver will be playing in front of friends & family when the Bengals visit Miami. As for the future, Ocho Cinco says he wouldn’t mind flying with the Fish:

Chad Johnson Bengals Chicken Dance

The PALM BEACH POST gets word from Johnson that he’s looking forward to lots of family support on Sunday: No one has seen me play since 1996 at Miami Beach Senior High. My grandmother hasn’t been able to come. My mom has been twice in seven years. But this is a chance where everybody can come and see me - friends, family, coaches, pastors, people from the church. Just everyone throughout my entire life.”

Could the hometown crowd convince Chad to change his work location from southwest Ohio to South Beach?

Hey, that would be cool. Where’s (Bill) Parcells at? I need to win now. I’ve done a lot of things, I’ve broken a lot of records here, I got the yards, I’ve been to the Pro Bowl, and I’m kind of fed up with the same thing every year.

Dolphins fan bag on head

Well, if Johnson really wants to win, why join the Dolphins?